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Change In An Instant


April 11, 2022 by coelhoce

And Tomorrow the Entire World is a film that is centered around protest and change. The clip showcases how in one moment people can go from happy, greeting each other to getting physically violent with a stranger on the street just because they deem him as “other” than themselves in the next. Slowing down the clip allows the viewer to see it is the same group from a previous scene (those who were greeting each other, seemingly not doing anything out of the ordinary) who have decided to incite violence, in order to show just how quickly a moment cant change. The other reasoning for slowing this specific part of the clip is to highlight the fear it puts into main character Luisa and some of her comrades from P81, a known anti-fascist group.

The film mostly uses handheld filming when shooting most scenes. It takes on an almost documentary feel this way, although it is fully scripted. Mid shots are used to frame characters faces so that the viewer sees their reactions to what is happening. That is showcased heavily in this clip, especially in the slowed portion. It showcases Luisa and Leo holding each others hands, fearful of the sight they are beholding. The technique of panning from their hands to their reactions is effective in showcasing their fear.


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