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Inclusive in the film art.


April 11, 2022 by grahaman1

This video is used to show the fast pace of montage coming from the interview into the view outside of the plane. This uses a medium shot for the interview and then a close up of the plane. With the next scene with the over the shoulder shot with the conversation with Auma giving us the feel of being there in the moment with her. This over the shoulder shot is good for many different things to include the viewer and to give the one-on-one feeling. This whole clip was speed up to express the different Montague of the scenes in the film gives a great understanding of the film and its notable features. This films usage of close ups and medium shots are interesting and give off the sense of belonging and inclusion of the audience that will be watching the film. The meaning of this film to show the struggle of Auma in her school years with a professor using her as an experiment and not as a decent person that she is. This also gives her experience in her life and how it has gotten her to the point that she’s at now in her life.


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