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We Need to End The Concept of Othering


April 4, 2022 by corkeryab

Why did the professor need to say African student? It is clear that we can come to the assumption from both the interviews of Auma and her professor that she is the smartest student he has ever had because she pushed him as a professor and asked questions. Branwen Okpako stated in her interview for this film that she “ personally believe[s] it is because “othering” is not intelligent and it leads into the trap of stereotypes.” Auma is incredibly smart. By implying that she is “the smartest African student” he is implying that all African people are not smart and in turn, there are other people who are white a smaller. This implies that she is just the smartest that she could be because she is a different kind. He believed that that was a compliment to give her but it did more harm than well. This is an example of positive racism. Positive racism is a positive emotional response that is associated with hostile prejudices. This results in keeping the “inferior” group in an inferior position in society. Obama’s professor viewed her differently because of the way that she looked and that was very unfair. She deserved to be treated just like any other student so she can have the same education as her peers. 


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