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The True Auma: The Meaning For Dance


April 4, 2022 by coelhoce

This clip highlights Auma dancing on a stage, zooming out at first to show her alone on said stage but really she is with others. For the most part of the film she is seen dancing with other people as seen in the second part of the clip. The first half of the clip however shows her alone, but then shows her dancing with two other people. The clip uses a high angle shot which is typical for filming dance performances on a large stage. Auma being alone may not mean much, but it is interpreted that as she has gone through her dance journey for quite some time now. At this is the point in time it is where she has fully found herself. She is comfortable enough to dance as the focal point in the dance and she feels free to express herself within her dancing.

The film explores dance in a way that progresses from strict technique to Auma using as a way of connection with both herself and others around. It is similar in a way to Neukolln Unlimited in the sense that it showcases dance as a means for self expression. In opposition to Neukolln Unlimited however, dancing for Auma is also a way to connect herself to this new country that she lives in. The clip shows she has successfully done that.


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