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April 4, 2022 by factorgb




The Education of Auma Obama was a documentary made about the forty-fourth President of the United States, Barack Obama. The documentary was made at the time when Barack Obama had won the election to show more about his family. Auma Obama is Barack’s half-sister, they share the same father however Auma was raised in Kenya. Auma was a high-achieving scholar who shared a love for learning. She studied in Germany and lived in the United Kingdom for a little bit before returning to Kenya. When she returned to Kenya she had a mission to change the way things were. She would go on to teach and help her community understand activism and teach kids who don’t have the privilege to be able to learn higher education.

I chose two stills from the movie, the first one being Auma being interviewed. In the still, you can see a young boy in the back looking up into the sky. Just from looking at this still, it is easy to tell that Auma is explaining something serious. It looks like she’s making eye contact with someone and the camera angle on the side represents it perfectly. Judging by her body language too she is using both of her hands to speak so you can tell that she’s deep into what she believes. In the next still, it’s the same sort of theme however you can see her talking to an elderly woman. Once again she is making eye contact and the camera angle on the left shows the side of Auma. The audience can see the elderly woman and Auma looking into each other’s eyes focused on their conversation. Auma’s hand can also be seen grabbing onto the elderly woman. I believe these stills perfectly show how Auma was a caring and compassionate person that cares about the success of her community.



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