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Family Bonds


April 4, 2022 by hollingsworthk

In this clip, we see a family tradition from across a grassy yard. Despite Auma and Barack growing up apart and having so many differences, they were still able to overcome those differences and unite as a family. Prior to this shot, we hear Auma talk about how nervous she was to meet her brother and how she was not sure if she would even like him. This shot and this moment in the film proves how strong family is and how important their traditions are, no matter where they are living or where they are in life. The added zoom emphasizes the power of this bond and proves that it can cut through other diving factors. Barack and Auma came together from different parts of the world and were still able to find their common ground and share in the beautiful moment we get to see from far away. By centering the zoom on the embrace of their hands, the emphasis is put on the literal bond between the two people; their shared experience becomes the focus of the scene and the embrace of the family can be felt by the audience. Family is obviously a very important factor in Auma’s life, and this scene shows just how powerful that can be.


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