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Family and Integration


April 4, 2022 by haasepl

The frame which I have used is the one which the Obama Family celebrated the election of Barack Obama to becoming President of the United States. What we see in this particular scene is the majority of the Family being present and celebrating the outcome of the results. One person not being present is Barack Obama himself, who is portrait and replaced by a cardboard cutout of himself to still have the effect of being there with the Family and celebrating. The zoom in affect which has been added, enhances the presence and the role of importance of family members, especially counting those in who aren’t present. The role of Family and integration plays a major role in this film as we can see this in many cases throughout it. Examples of Family integration and cohesion of family members is present at most of the times. Integration into Western Countries is also a big part of the film which showcases the good side and of course also the negative side of things. But one thing everything combines everybody is unity. This can be seen from a family perspective not leaving out anyone and getting everybody together as well as people accepting and welcoming immigrants into their country.


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