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Different Worlds


April 4, 2022 by glenniecd

In the documentary Auma Obama, where we see how Africa is falsely taught through the lens of Germans and learn about Barrack Obama’s second family tree, we get a sense of a new worldview. This documentary, in particular, is very diegetic. All the sounds are from the shots, and there is no music or narration at all. This allows for the interview to feel more conversational like you are part of the discussion. However, in this following clip, of found footage featuring Barack Obama exploring the beautiful land of Kenya with his wife is the few times we have narration taking place. The narration is important because it does explain how foreign the country’s land is to many people and the difference in culture. The found footage is also important because it shows the events that took place when Barack Obama came to visit. In this clip, we get primarily long shots of grasslands and mountain views and medium shots of Barack and Machelle Obama with their team exploring the country. In the last two medium shots, we see two different people, each looking at the locals, with the narration explaining how we see each other differently. The clip can clearly show how divided we are because of the worlds we live in and grow in.


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