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April 4, 2022 by ashtoncm

The scene I chose to pay close attention to is the clip of Alfa intensely staring at Luisa during an Antifa meeting. The two have not meet formally before this moment so there is an element of mystery and anonymous in this scene. Alfa has a take charge personality and does not wish would conform to the peaceful protests guidelines set forth by the rest of the group, while Luisa is a new addition to the commune, who was recommended by the peaceful enthusiast Batte. This clip foreshadows both the political and the romantic connection that forms between Alfa and Luisa. In this scene, the protest group is gathered in the commune to discuss security for the upcoming protest. The group stands in a circle around the presentation and the camera does a pov shot of Luisa standing and trying to focus on what the speaker is saying. Then the camera with in the misen scene does a match cut to alpha and discretely zooms in on his stare at Luisa. He looks at her with suspicion because she is a new addition, and you can tell by the way he is looking at her that he seems suspicious of her political views based on her family background. With the camera being focused at an eye level, distance stance on Alfa the viewer can sense he will be an important character.


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