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The Power of Auma


April 3, 2022 by toccof

In this clip, Auma’s dance instructor, Jai, describes Auma’s determination and power after her father has passed. Auma hears this tragedy from Africa while in Germany and decides she still wants to dance in her group’s show. The camera zooms from a medium shot of Jai to a close-up. This zooming coincides with the music building up in the background, creating an ominous effect as the scene transitions to found footage of Auma dancing that day. It also enhances Jai’s notion that Auma is a powerful and passionate dancer and person, not canceling the show for her father’s sake. This scene is also significant because it contrasts with many scenes within the film. For example, when Auma’s professor of German as a foreign language describes Auma, he describes her through the lens of someone from Germany while she is from Africa. Auma’s friend from Africa sees Auma as a friend from her hometown who has changed. Yet, when Jai describes Auma, she describes her identity without the context of Africa or her life before Germany. Instead, she talks about Auma purely from a dance perspective with no singular cultural or racial perspective. Therefore, in this scene, the audience can see Auma’s true identity as a person without the lens that many characters in the film have.


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