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April 3, 2022 by densonjl

For this particular clip, the zoom goes onto Auma’s face. She is sitting in a church while music is playing. While sitting in the church she is at a medium shot and then the zoom goes onto her face. Before the zoom begins, Auma is speaking of her father and how she knew he was not the best father out there. She is distraught and saddened while sitting in a church, this is typically not the case while sitting in a church. She is upset with her father because of his actions but after some time she came to realize well this is her father and he went through a lot. Auma has found it in the goodness of her heart though to forgive her deceased father. She reminisces about the times she had with her father such as when she would wake up in the middle of the night and listen to classical music by his side. While she is sitting in the church you can’t help but wonder, “what is going on inside her mind?” It is likely she is thinking of her father and the times she had with him even if they were not all pretty.


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