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Dance Brings People Together


April 3, 2022 by kellycr

In the clip I chose from The Education of Auma Obama, Auma is doing a dance routine with two other people. In this film, dance has a lot to do with her finding herself and finding her identity, similar to Neukoln Unlimited. Dance is very important when telling her backstory. The group of people dancing represents all different cultures and backgrounds, but they all unite and come together to dance to the same song and do the same dance routine. In this film, dance is a more comfortable and expressive way of cultural integration or combination. This proves that dance is a peaceful and beautiful way to make a statement or point, and it is even a way of protest. I decided to zoom out in this clip when the group is shown all together because it is important to get the bigger picture and understand why the directors chose to include this clip into the film. This clip and the added zoom really adds to this idea of embracing your culture, acceptance, and unity among those with all different backgrounds. Through Auma’s dance and the other interviews within this film, Auma does not directly tell her story, but she does have a very big hand in how the story is told.



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