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Barack Obama Sr.


April 3, 2022 by Jack Wedge

In looking at this shot, viewers Barack Obama Sr. in a large group photo, where he stands out in this group, as the only black man shown within the frame. In addition, to this, there are a multitude of Obama Sr. being showcased as Auma provides somewhat of a recollection of her father’s life. In doing so, she describes some of the struggles that he had to endure, and this can be highlighted in the way that he was a Kenyan man studying, working, and living in the U.S. throughout a large portion of his life. This image functions to highlight the way in which Obama was on his own in a way, and had to put in a great deal in order to find success within the United States. However, this image highlighting much of Obama’s conditions that did not work for him, also seems to pertain to much of his life, as this montage of clips involves Auma describing the way in which various viewpoints of his did garner the popularity that he had hoped, and that later in his life he struggled mightily to find work for various reasons. In essence this clip showcases that although Obama was surrounded by others, there were plenty of times to which this mattered not and in essence he had his moments where he remained alone


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