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The Power of Dance


March 31, 2022 by hollingsworthk

This scene, as it was originally edited in Neukölln Unlimited, shows Lial and her friend complaining about bad governmental policies and societal attitudes towards immigrants intercut with scenes of dance practice. For this exercise, I removed the context of the dialogue and replaced it with extremely simplified, one line versions of their frustrations. I was curious to see how the dancing’s meaning could change without the words of the girls. I found that the expression and the emotion of the dancing came to the surface much more than the original scene. Without anything else to focus on, the energy and motion of the dancing became the sole focus of the scene, which gave the brief clips more room to hit home. The negative was that without the context of the rest of the scene and the rest of the film, the overall theme of the movie was lost completely. You could still sense the anger or the fighting for a place among the group, but the intertitles were insufficient in making enough of an impact to properly connect the dances to immigration. The intertitles also lacked the complexity and the emotion of the two girls actual voices; they say so much more than any amount of text that long ever could.


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