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Uncertainty in Dance


March 28, 2022 by kellycr

The clip I chose is taken from Neukölln Unlimited, a 2010 German documentary, which is about a family seeking political asylum. It follows three Lebanese siblings, Hassan, Lial, and Maradona, who are all very talented and somewhat successful musicians and breakdancers. In order to secure their residency permit for the family, Hassan and Lial took it upon themselves to use their artistic talents to financially support their family. The clip I chose is a montage of a serious conversation between Lial and her friend and then continuously cuts to her dancing. The dance sequences were freestyle and chaotic, which further represents unfair immigration laws and uncertainty of the future. The dancing shows how hard they had to work to support their families, as well as the stress and anger they experience. The conversation between Lial and her friend is about the constant fear of deportation and the struggles they face with people saying they are not German even though they have lived there all their lives. I chose to add the word “uncertainty” in my title because it is a main theme in the film as a whole. The constant fear of deportation makes for a very uncertain and fearful future. The uncertainty can also be found in dance, never really knowing what is going to happen next.



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