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The Never Ending Struggle


March 28, 2022 by glenniecd

In the film documentary Neukölln Unlimited, the clip shows Lial and her fellow dance instructor are having a conversation about how it is hard for them to fit in and be accepted just based on their ethnicity and people making uncomfortable and straightforward statements or questions about where they are from. We learn that even though they are considered immigrants, they grew up in Germany and are in constant worry about being deported. In addition, the black dance instructor explained her struggle against stereotypical people questioning the fact that she is a German citizen but says it is easier for her to say that she is English because there is a larger black population there. In this clip, there is a good use of editing in showing the close-ups of the two girls discussing their struggles and another set of long to medium shots showing Lial working hard in her dance practices and routines. This is an important use of montage because it emphasizes the point that Lial, although not a full German citizen, and the immediate threat of her family being deported, is still determined and hard working. We can see her effort in trying to do her best, not only for her but also for her family.


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