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The financial struggle of Immigration


March 28, 2022 by haasepl

I have chosen the sequence in Neukölln Unlimited, in which Hasan Lial visit the office of a financial attorney to discuss the future of their presence in Germany. This specific scene goes into detail of what both of the siblings will have to earn to be able to further on live in Germany as Immigrants. The conclusion they all come to is that they must achieve financial stability from the German government and not to receive financial aid “Hartz 4” from the government. I chose to go ahead and create a intertitle right at the beginning of this scene saying “the financial struggle of immigration”. This is because I think and that’s the main plot of the movie, it’s the most difficult hurdle to overcome as an immigrant. I have personally heard of stories in 2015 whilst the immigration boom Europe had experience from classmates, whose parents just couldn’t afford the living in Germany and therefore were again deported or lived in Germany illegally. This perfectly reflects on the story which Hasan and Lial are telling us about the struggles they have to overcome to be part of Germany, even though they are born, raised and feel like any other German citizen.


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