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Impossible Demands


March 28, 2022 by muthag

In this clip from Neukolln Unlimited Hassan and a friend are placed in a medium shot. They are sitting side by side, looking away from the camera. Hassan is discussing the letter he received from the senator that explained how he could remain in the country if he goes to school. Despite the fact that he provided his report cards as documentation of school attendance, his residency was extended for only two months. The correct proof was provided, yet the government declared that it was not enough for him to stay. After the conversation ended, an inter title was placed: “the demands always outweigh the requirements.” This text helps to emphasize the situation and allow the viewer to reflect upon it. The demands outweigh the requirements because the government always demands more than they asked for initially. They claim that good people, contributing positively to German society can remain. However, each time a person provides the proof for being a good citizen, the government establishes more requirements or claims the provided proof was not enough. No matter what Hassan or other immigrants do to prove their dedication to the country, the government finds ways to withdraw their promises to prevent them from staying. They use their position of authority to take advantage of the immigrants. The system as a whole is discriminatory because it allows the officials to create these unending requirements. Ultimately, the inter title emphasizes the difficulty of meeting these government demands.



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