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Hatred: A Disease


March 28, 2022 by corkeryab

No matter how hard the family tried to stay in Germany, they were not able to stay. They were constantly working to gain enough money to be able to stay. The children needed to grow up so fast at such a young age they needed to end their childhood whilst still a child. It is unfair that a 14-year-old kid needs to join a talent show praying for them to win so they can stay in THEIR country. It is so hard for the government to understand that Maradona and his siblings are German, whether they were born there or not. This family speaks German, they spent almost all of their life there. The only reason Maradona did not call himself German was that he felt betrayed. Coincidentally on his birthday, he and his family got deported. If his country can do that to him, he was not going to be German. Once deported back to Lebanon. The kids would not fit in. They can’t speak Arabic. They do not know the social norms of society. Lebanon is completely different. In addition, immigrants, in general, are very hardworking people, They work so hard to leave a country of violence and fear to join a new country that is safe. They are willing to leave everything behind to do so. This family is working so hard, able to get jobs and help boost the economy. Why is it so hard to let them? Racism and hate.


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