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Harsh Comparisons


March 28, 2022 by bittnerks


This scene shows Hassan rapping about his plight in Germany. The documentary shows the struggle of immigrant families in Germany. The words used in the rap highlight the prejudice against Muslims and how they feel stepped on by a bad system. Harsh comparisons are made to the holocaust and Nazism. Hassan compares Gaza to Nazi Germany and says that his people are being outcasted and stripped of their identity just as the Jews were during World War Two. Many would argue that such harsh comparisons are unnecessary and unjustified. However, in Hassan’s mind it is easy to draw these comparisons and it is a way to give his situation and opinion a more serious tone. The documentary is a look into the lives of immigrants and how Germany mistreats them. Hassan’s rap is a way to put his pain and struggle into music and the comparisons he makes allow others to have some sense of understanding into his life. He talks about kids dying, identities being stripped and a genocide not only of his people but of his culture. Harsh comparisons must be made in order to make change and wake people up to the ongoing struggle of Hassan, his family and millions who are like him. The rap is a way to connect with other young people who may or may not be in the same situation.


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