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Constant Worry


March 28, 2022 by mcclainwa

This short clip centers around one of the first discussions Lial has with another individual with an immigration background in the film, Neukölln Unlimited. The main point of the conversation is the constant fear of deportation and a feeling of alienation felt by these two and how it is a common feeling in German people with immigrant backgrounds. Not only could they possibly be deported but Lial’s friend mentions a shared fear of their parents being sent back to areas that are much less safe than Germany. Montage is used in this scene to accentuate these constant feelings. Intersplicing the two scenes of a group dance and the conversation. The beginning dance has large quick movements and shows Lial alone getting out pent up energy and emotions. Though the later dance involves a group the camera is focused on Lial and her dance partner in an artistic rendition of a fight. This fight coupled with the discussion in the montage pinpoints how Lial uses dance as not just a means of income but a personal protest in a way getting her more aggressive emotions through to others without hurting anyone. The music of the dance and the conversation can be heard in both scenes, but while the dance scene is shown the music is louder and likewise for the conversation scene the discussion is louder. This shows that dance is a large part of Lial’s life and she enjoys it but even while she is using dance to release her emotions she cannot fully ignore the dull worry of deportation, it’s a constant threat to her family.



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