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BP 8 Moving is a Movement- Griff


March 28, 2022 by factorgb

blog post 8 – Small

For my eighth blog post, I picked two stills from “NEUKÖLLN UNLIMITED,” which is a German film based on three Lebanese siblings, Hassan, Lial, and Maradona. The movie tells the story of three extremely poor brothers. Maradona has had a troubled childhood struggling with school. To make money he enters a dance competition to win money that would change the three brothers’ lives and would allow them to be more financially healthy. For my title for my stills, I used “moving for a movement” which I believe perfectly signifies how Maradona is dancing to change not only his own life but his brother’s life. This selfless act may not be as big as a big protest but it is a movement that will radically bring the brothers from rags to riches. Maradona has nothing to lose and if they win they have a chance to live much more comfortably in Neukolln. They came there for a better life and our currently struggling Maradona who has gotten into trouble is the unlucky hero who ends up saving his brothers and providing a better life for the people he loves. Maradona is truly moving for a movement to give the best possible life for him and his brothers.



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