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March 28, 2022 by knightra

This sequence demonstrates the unfair treatment of Hassaan’s family. It features the politician who in the beginning of the film dismissed their case for citizenship therefore deporting them back to a home that is not theirs. This first clip is the same politician discussing with Hassaan why he deports families that have immigrated into Germany. When giving his reasons he lists crime and other members of the family being smuggled in without papers as reasons to why he deports them. Hassaan’s family has done none of these things yet they still are under the constant threat of deportation. The sequence then goes into Hassaan’s rap about their unfair treatment by their government calling them out for deporting them for no reason and sending them back into a country that has never been there own. This sequence holds power in the film because it shows the unfair and unequal treatment of their family by the country they have been raised in and call their own. Hassaan and his family members use rap and dance to express these feelings of betrayal by their government in order to release these feelings of resentment and fear of being deported once again. Overall this sequence gives credibility to their family and shows how they are following the laws for immigration in Germany yet are still being treated as if they are criminals.


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