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Should I Stay or Should I Go?


March 28, 2022 by antoonav


Neukolln Unlimited narrates the story of a family of Lebanese immigrants living in Germany. The three siblings— Hassan, Lial, and Maradona— have lived in Germany for the majority of their lives, attend German schools, contribute to the German economy, speak German and identify as German alongside their Lebanese heritage. Despite being contributing member of German society, the family still fights to be granted asylum and the right to citizenship. Hassan and Lial are skilled dancers and the government decides to deem Hassan and Lial asylum contingent on them finding apprenticeships as they are in school and successful in dance, therefor the government sees them as ‘worthy’ to stay in the country. The rest of their family, however, are not granted permission to stay. This scene begins with an animated flashback showing the family on the plane during the first time they were deported. The camera then transitions into a medium shot of Lial on the airplane, from a side profile view with the window behind her illuminating her face. She is reminded of the first time she was deported whilst she is on the plane. Liam is conflicted as she does not want to leave her family and is upset that the government is trying to separate them, yet she knows the value of this opportunity and wants to be able to stay in Germany. The intertitled added reads “should I stay or should I go?” To illustrate Lial’s fight with herself over whether she should physically leave her family or not. The camera then cuts to the dance class, showing what it is that is motivating Lial to stay. Dance is not only something she enjoys but it also is what could help her help her family. 



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