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“We tried. That’s all we can do.”


March 27, 2022 by pearsonkl

This clip is from the ending of Neukölln Unlimited. After the two oldest siblings of the family showcased in this film tried to get visas for their whole family to remain in Germany, they reflect on how they were unsuccessful. This point of the film shows the defeat they felt, but the still remaining optimism. It makes the viewer feel for the family on a deeper level and shows how they do not deserve the hardships they have faced. At the end of the day, they tried their hardest, but things didn’t work out.

A major theme of this film is familiar roles. The older siblings have to take control to provide for their family despite them still being fairly young. A lot of responsibility is placed on their shoulders and they handle it well.

This shows how hard some immigrant families will work in order to stay in their country and how, a lot of the time, they still receive unfair treatment and restrictions.


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