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Too Late To Go Back To Your Country


March 27, 2022 by densonjl

“Go back to your country.” What a way to tell someone you don’t think they should be in your country or even look like they are. The clip chosen is of Maradona in the car speaking with her friend. She speaks of when her family was deported four years ago. The officer told her the day of the deportation that it was time for her family to go back to their country. an intertitle highlights the line “your country” to bring to light how crazy that phrase is. Her family had already been in Germany for years by this point, even some of the children were born in Germany. They were Germans. Yes, they did have a different background but what mattered now is that they were there and they’ve made a life for themselves, even participating in German culture. By this point, it was too late for the family to go back to “their country.” They have settled and for them to go to an Arab school would be difficult to transition to that life and have to learn a whole new language. A second intertitle at the end says “too late” because it was too late for the family to go back and learn a new way of life. They are Germans now.


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