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The Waiting Game: The Immigration Process in Neukölln Unlimited


March 27, 2022 by woodjm

For post eight, I chose the sequence in Neukölln Unlimited in which Hassan and his sister Lial visit the immigration office for the first time. This sequence is rather short, coming in at a little bit over one minute long. I feel that as a result of its length, it didn’t do a great job illustrating how confusing and long the process of applying for and attaining one’s citizenship can be. To mitigate this I added a title to the beginning of the sequence that simply states the process of applying for citizenship is not straightforward. This is followed by the pair wandering around the office trying to figure out where to go drive the point home. After that, I added an intertitle that states that the process is also time-consuming a point that is illustrated through the use of a long transition time followed by a meandering portion of the sequence in which the duo are told that they must move to another room to wait, taking up even more of their time, Finally the sequence concludes with another intertitle that states the process as a result of the incessant waiting is dull. This is immediately followed by Lial saying that they hope they can leave soon as again it is a boring and time-consuming task.


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