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March 27, 2022 by Jack Wedge

In looking at this clip, that we looked at in class, it is seen how Hassan is frustrated by this politician that has been preventative of his family’s residency in Germany. What we see afterwards in the car, however, is him continuing to vent his frustrations pertaining to this situation. With that it is very necessary to not the manner with which Hassan points out how even though they are in Germany they have continued to struggle within this country that allows for greater safety and greater opportunities. It feels necessary to showcase the feelings of Hassan and the way in which we see this politician convey such dismissiveness even when confronted head on by one of the people he has seemed to harm in office. The caption points out the hypocrisies of the German government that ends up working against a family that is truly earnest in their efforts to provide for themselves but also contribute to the community. Although they, like many other families, have their flaws they receive a much more unfair interpretation of their impact on Germany. This in large part stems from their cultural differences whether it be race, religion, or language, and people like the politician who oppose them are clearly shown to be a main contributor for many of the struggles that Hassan points out in his departure.


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