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Let The Games Begin


March 27, 2022 by coelhoce

A large aspect of Neukölln Unlimited centers around dancing. It is a way for the family to relax, express themselves and also make a bit of money too. These clips showcase the very beginning of the film, which is an introduction to the family members. These show each kid in the dance off, where not only are their dance skills seen, but also a glimpse into who they are as people as dancing has a way of expressing oneself. The intertitles “Let the games begin” are a nod not only to the kick off of the competition they are partaking in, but also acknowledging the start to the film. Starting the film with this is almost misleading, as the viewer may not realize that it isn’t only about dancing, but the people who do the dancing and their story.

The shots are very people oriented, rarely focusing on anything besides a person. They show the entire body, but aren’t too far away. It is filmed very similarly to most dance videos that can be found on platforms like Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. The background sound is of a cheering audience, who can also be seen. This creates an inviting atmosphere for the viewer so that they may feel they are also watching this high energy dance off in person.


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