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The Sound of Politics


March 25, 2022 by haasepl


The film “The Silent Revolution” showcases a class of Students who are about to complete their high school and take the last exam the Abitur. All of this takes place in the 1950s in East Germany, while the Hungarian Uprising takes place. The Students figure out about the events which take place in Hungary and decide to protest against this in the form of a silent minute right after class begins. By doing this they got into quite the bit of trouble by the authorities who suspect that the student protest against their communist government and therefore against the Russians. The students realize the situation they are in and tell the authorities instead they were having a silent honor minute for the death of soccer player Puskas.

I went ahead and took the scene when the head of school ministries came into the classroom to figure out what was going on in this class. The sound I have put over this scene is a bell ringing which completely reminded me of the Gong symbolizing that break is over between classes. This fits perfectly into the scene as she walks into class right after the break and starts questioning the students of what went on in the last school weeks.


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