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Living a Life of Lies


March 21, 2022 by corkeryab

During this scene, it is illustrated to the audience that Erik is starting to have a breakdown. The representatives of the authoritarian regime trigger him with news about his father. The news is that his father is not as amazing as he thought he was and was “weak” as said by his mother. Because of this, he exposes the leader of the protest and begins to defy everyone in his path. The music that is added is adding emphasis to the strong emotions that Erik is feeling. He feels betrayed. The song’s lyrics relate to the scene as well: “It’s so hard to see that you are by my side. It’s so hard to be the one you wish to be.” Erik’s new discovery of his betrayal of his mother makes him wonder if she was on his side and why she felt the need to lie to him. The lyric it’s so hard to be the one you wish to be related to his father. In reality, Erik’s father is not a huge political figure but instead was a weak man who snitched on the regime. The lyrics and the instrumental of the music emphasize the emotions, his unraveling mental state after learning this information, and the destruction of his relationship with his mother.


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