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The Silence of Crickets


March 21, 2022 by knightra

This scene is the start of the students silent revolution for the students. They participate in this act of silence out of solidarity for the revolution in Hungary against communism. I chose to use crickets in order to further show their quietness. The teacher asks a questions and all he hears are crickets meaning he hears nothing back from his students, it is quiet, or “all he hears is crickets”. This sound illuminates the silence that the students form during their first act of solidarity in remaining silent. This non-diegetic sound aids this scene and furthers the idea of the silent revolution by showcasing the solidarity of their silence as a class. If only a few people were to participate in this act it would not hold strength or unity. Through the whole class being silent, they are showcasing that they are a unified group standing with the Hungary students for their acts of revolution against the communists. This scene starts their own form of protest as in the end we see they will stand for one another and their beliefs over their own education. They rather stand up for what they believe in and for the unity of their group rather than conform to their schools demands for answers.


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