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Mozart saves the day: The impact of Music and diegetic sound in Cinema


March 21, 2022 by woodjm

For post seven I will again be focusing on Lessons of Darkness. The initial sound in this sequence, as discussed in blog post six, functions to alienate the viewer. It makes them feel as if they are a passive observer watching a foreign planet that has no relation to the earth. It forces us to be strangers in our own environment as we realize how outside of the norm the contents and situations depicted in the film really are. To change that I swapped the audio with Mozart’s 40th in G minor specifically one of the more upbeat and faster sections. This functions to shift the entire tone of the clip to one of wistfulness and a general sense of ambivalence. It changes the story to one where the oil is the hero and the main character. The camera excitedly follows the pipeline as if to assert its importance to the story. This is made possible because the soundtrack of the film is non-dietetic meaning none of the music comes from the world of the film itself. This results in the music functioning almost like a “costume,” for lack of a better word, as it is can be switched in and out to change the message of the film and actions on screen.


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