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We Are the People


March 20, 2022 by pearsonkl

In this clip from Leipzig in the Fall, a man is expressing his thoughts on the Monday protests in Leipzig and the reactions of the leaders. A theme of this documentary is blame and responsibility and how it gets passed around to different people throughout. This man in the clip passes the blame to the leaders of the state, but does it in a way that is almost understanding and apologetic.

An unsettling sound was added underneath the clip. It gives the clip a dystopian and hopeless feel. According to the man, protests were the last resort in the eyes of the people of Leipzig. It was the only way to grab the attention of the people in charge and demand for change. The music slightly crescendos as it switches to the protestors found chanting, “We are the people,” and paired with the eeriness of the music, it seems as though the protest is futile. It is like something bad is about to happen. Much like how these peaceful protests were unknowingly met with police brutality and violence. The people of Leipzig were in their own dystopia at the time of these protests.


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