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Iron Boot


March 20, 2022 by bittnerks

Leipzig in Fall focuses on the action and protest right before the destruction of the Berlin Wall. In this scene there are images of the brutal eastern way of life. The nondiegetic sound added to this scene is marching sounds. The sound represents the ever present and powerful militaristic might of the communist regime and stifling effect it had on the residents of East Germany. The scene shows human distress, contrasted with the uniformity and brutalist nature of East German police forces. The sound of marching also represents the progress of the people who protested the communist way, a slow steady march towards a better life, combated with violence, fear and hate. The scene, although short, shows a variety of images, allowing the viewer to take various scenes of distress. First we see cops lined up, all in uniform with shields, representing the regimes strength and power. Second, we see a protester being attacked, showing the violence of the police and willpower that protesters must have to be successful in their mission. Last we see a police APC with a water cannon. This picture represents the chaos of the protest. The inhumanity of it all and the bravery of those who would stand against the machine of communism.


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