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March 20, 2022 by Jack Wedge

In looking at the film Leipzig in the Fall, it is important to note the manner to which the way in which there was something of a demand for a greater number of ideals and thoughts in terms of the way to run the German nation. As shown by this still it is clear that there is a desire for there to be some sort of unification between East and West Germany and doing so would be beneficial because of the greater number of thoughts and opinions would be heard because they would not be dominated by one particular party. With the music that has been added to this still, it helps create a greater sense of the feelings that were felt at the time as it helps to illuminate some of the frustrations that much of the German people were feeling at this point in time heading into the final decade of the twentieth century. The music seems to create some sense of drama for viewers, as it does enhance the sentiments felt by this man as he discusses the situation at hand in Germany. To this regard, the nondiegetic music that has been added functions to further sweep audiences into a sense of frustration and building suspense that eventually comes to a breaking point as shown by the collapse of the Wall.


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