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Happy Ending?


March 18, 2022 by haasepl

In the film Lessons of Darkness, towards the very end of the documentary we can see two very different scenarios which have been included. In the first scene we get to see how workers have successfully stopped the fire raging and seem to have control over the drilled oil fields. It has been shot in a panoramic view to show as much as possible and is accompanied by rather peaceful music, letting the audience know that things are better now. But in a turn of events we see all of a sudden worker reigniting the field on purpose. We get to see the same shots, to illustrate the audience a good before and after comparison. Also, the background music has changed to a faster pace than before, highlighting that the end has not come yet. We have got a voice over narration of the director telling us that the fires have been relighted again. Close up shots of workers and of the oil wells are captured to show the audience the situation which is present at that time. Overall what is trying to be achieved in the two scenes is giving a comparison of the situation that the war has not been defeated yet and this Is shown by the relighting of the fire.


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