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Who do we blame?


March 14, 2022 by nicolpe

These two clips come together to demonstrate one of the questions the film asks: Who is to Blame? In the first clip, the Dow company places the blame onto its customers. He shifts the blame away from the company itself by explaining his perception on the nature of how Dow does business. He says the combination of the different chemical company’s Dow has employed to make Napalm is only combined to make a product. How and who made the product is not what matters because they are not the ones using the product. Even though he thinks the company is not to blame, he thinks it is important to make sure the division of labor is solidified as a form of discretion. If the employees knew what their job was playing a role into, they might quit, and Dow would be unable to make its product. In a way this places the blame onto the employees. This plays into the second clip where the engineer says: “what we produce it depends on the workers, students, and engineers.” The solution to the Napalm issue is for the employees to stop the production because they are making the product, not the bosses. Although this may sound like the blame is entirely on the employees, it ironically shows exactly how the bosses within the Dow company are the ones to blame, not the employees. They knew what their customers were using Napalm for, where as they made it so the employees were in the dark about what they were even making. These actions by Dow prevented a protest from the employees, which would have stopped the production of Napalm. This documentary wants to show employees associated with Dow what they are being told is not the true nature of Dow, and it is vital that they protest because Dow would not be able to make Napalm without them.


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