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Watching Live Crime


March 14, 2022 by densonjl

The two clips chosen are from the beginning and towards the end of the film, Inextenguishable Fire. The first clip chosen is a close-up of just a rat being lit on fire with napalm, the deadly chemical warfare used in the Vietnam War. Commentary is being spoken over of how the skin will peel back due to fire and how the fire can last for over half an hour, due to a single drop. The second clip chosen is of two people watching the war on television. This clip shows the back of the people’s heads while you see soldiers scurrying on the tv along with helicopters being flown. They watch napalm being dropped, which is essentially them watching live crime. These two clips go together because by watching the first clip you can see the effects that napalm has on something, even if it is just a rat, while the second clip shows the action of napalm being dropped even though people know what this does to a person and environment. While napalm may be fair use during the war it is essentially murder at mass numbers. Although the scientists who made napalm knew what they were doing was going to kill many and damage the environment they still did it and then watched it on the television being dropped.


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