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Money to Blame


March 14, 2022 by muthag

The film Inextinguishable Fire protests the destruction caused by war. Within the film they explore who is harmed and who is responsible for this harm. These two chosen clips from the film deal with who is responsible for it. The first clip is set in the Dow office. A man is sitting behind a desk and a woman is sitting in a chair beside the desk. This shows that the man is in a position of authority at Dow. The acting is emotionless and the dialogue is monotone. During their conversation, the man states that he now believes that napalm is a good weapon. He then tells the woman that the state department has given them millions of dollars in order to continue the development of napalm. Furthermore, he expresses that he is aware that the people are opposed to the development. This shows that both the government and the Dow company are responsible. Dow is responsible for continuing the development of the destructive chemical and the government is responsible for facilitating and funding it. In the second clip, people dressed in business attire are gathered watching television. The television program is discussing the “blood, hunger, misery, and violence” of the war. The scene then cuts to words on the screen telling us that “technicians and scientists no longer identify their work with the scope of destruction.” This expresses that the scientists and technicians who developed napalm did not intend for it to be used for such devastation. As a result of this, the blame is then focused onto the government and those who manage the Dow company. The scientists were not expecting their creation to be used in such a way, but the government’s funding encouraged the unintended use. Ultimately, both clips demonstrate that the government is to blame and that money and power control the destiny of Napalm’s function. Despite the loss of life and the disapproval from the people, money remains the driving force continuing the production of this deadly chemical. 


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