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Lessons Unlearned


March 14, 2022 by glenniecd

In the film Lessons of Darkness, there are two noticeable scenes that, when put together, have significant meaning. In the first scene, there are multiple shots of workers trying to put out oil fires that seem unbeatable and what type of conditions they have to deal with due to the cost of war. The second scene shows when the workers have finished; they are seen re-flaming the oil spouts and are described to be taken over by madness and can not live without fire. Then we see more workers follow suit and do the same to other spouts. While most of the documentary is covered with music, the long shots of the workers lighting the oil on fire have no music to hear the explosion-like sound it makes when being lit. The inclusion of this sound displays the type of flames of destruction that it has on the world. When comparing the two scenes and seeing the destruction the people have done to each other, it shows how humans cannot simply live without destruction, and it is something that is theirs. Once they put out a fire, another fire is ignited instead of learning their lesson, a continuous burden that humanity has on itself. 


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