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Death and Destruction


March 14, 2022 by kellycr

The film, Inextinguishable Fire, is a protest film about the Vietnam War and the death and destruction caused by napalm, which is a chemical that causes extremely severe burns and was used the create the napalm bomb. In the film, scientists are investigating the development of napalm. In the beginning of the film, which is the first clip I showed, the audience quickly becomes uncomfortable due to the comparisons they are using to show how terrible napalm is. After the narrator ashes the cigarette out on his arm, he states that a cigarette burns at 400 degrees, but napalm burns at 3000. This clip is very disturbing, as well as the one after it, showing something being lit on fire using napalm. The severity of it is what makes this very uncomfortable for the audience, and it makes it more personal. This clip is used to instill fear about what was used in the war to cause this much destruction. The second clip I chose shows the actual destruction that occurred during the war. This is meant to make us sympathetic towards the ones harmed. This clip makes it a more personal and urgent issue, making the audience want to help. It is easy for the audience to conclude that the use of napalm is not morally or ethically justified, but the Dow Chemical Co. and other corporations will not halt production because of the money.


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