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Bluntness. Simple, But Effective


March 14, 2022 by corkeryab

The main themes of these two clips are bluntness and simplicity. The film style of these clips is not artistic or aesthetically pleasing. That would distract people from the important facts that are being relayed to the viewers. They are laying out the facts that seem very jarring to help those who do not know much about napalm and its production. Not only are they verbally telling us facts, but portraying napalm’s impact. A cigarette burn, something that causes someone much pain, burns at a fraction of the temperature napalm does. The film shows imagery of the cigarette burn, then transitions to the napalm on a rodent’s body. It illustrates how long and powerful a napalm fire is. Then, we transition to a forest, showing us how harsh napalm is to nature and the environment around us. There is a gradual upscale of violence starting from a small scale and gradually growing to a much larger scale, threatening people and their homes. The second clip is illustrating to us how serious the war is. Many people are being injured and killed in guerilla attacks. In addition, the scientists know what their work has caused. The use of napalm creates an even bigger risk during the war. We know from the film that it is very difficult to stop this product from spreading. We know how harmful it is as well when the scientists say, “The meat also burns to the bone.” The napalm is nearly impossible to stop.


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