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BP3:In that moment Czaka knew he messed up


March 13, 2022 by knightra

During this lunch scene Czaka outs himself as a German speaker when he is able to understand the joke told in German. He had originally told the fellow Czech resistance group that he did not understand German therefor not making him a target as a mole. This scene is important to the film because it is when Czaka gets what’s coming to him as he was a supporter and informer of the Gestapo. We see him giving up information of the resistance to the Gestapo and therefore turning of his fellow Czech resistance fighters. He was his own use of propaganda to the resistance fighters because he was portraying himself as a resistance fighter and supporter of ending the Nazi power over Czechoslovakia while funneling information to the Gestapo for his own personal and financial gain. This scene is when his propaganda persona turns on him as he cant help but laugh at the German joke. This meme showcases the exact moment Czaka realizes he messed up and outed himself as the mole through understanding the joke and his immediate realization as seen in the second picture. This scene is important to the idea of using self-propaganda in order to be perceived differently through two different groups, the resistance and the Gestapo.


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