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Fire that sparks interest


March 12, 2022 by grahaman1

Using the film Lessons of Darkness there are two scenes that will be analyzed. With the first scene we get a pan view of dust lifted lands and then that camera shows two people in front of a wall with high flames behind them. This shows that fire is destruction and that it is a powerful force that cannot be reckoned with. In the second clip we get a slow aerial view of the land and then smoke, and flames appear in the camera. Both scenes use the flame to be the focal pint to symbolize destruction and devastation. The difference in both scenes is the way they are shot the first scene is what looks like a one placement of the camera zoomed in, whereas the camera in the second scene is a high angle aerial shot that is moving closer to its target shot. The first scene is more of a sign of fire and its power that it has in the one area where the second is more of the power that fire has over the whole land. It makes the viewer think about how little you need of fire to change a lot. The second also make your brain this that fire is big now imagine standing near it and being right up on it.


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