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Male Gaze and Subjektitude


February 21, 2022 by antoonav

Subjektitude is a short film which depicts a woman’s experience with sexual harassment on the streets. The film creates a commentary on the male gaze theory by showing how men sexualize women in their every day lives and the media sees through that same lens of objectifying women. Using a hand-held camera to create a POV shot the film visually explores three different characters points of view. The three points of view are that of two men and a woman. The narration switches between the thoughts of the three characters as they are viewing each other, using a static-y voice over to emphasize that the narration is internal thoughts and not dialogue. The woman’s point of view serves as a commentary on the male gaze as the inclusion of her point of view shows how women are aware of the male gaze and how it effects them. When we get the woman point of view we get extra camera shake to show her discomfort. We also get quick cuts to show the woman attempting to divert her attention when the men notice her noticing them. Just before this still it cuts to a shop window as the woman attempts to evade the mens attention. In this still one of the men’s thoughts are narrating. While admiring the woman’s body he remembers something a friend said to him about women’s breasts and blonde hair. Just as he says this the woman looks into the camera, noticing him and letting him know she knows what he is thinking. This is interesting because the woman had just commented on how her mother would think he is a good man but she knows he is not. Her noticing his gaze reaffirms her suspicions. This scene shows an example of the male gaze and how it effects women.


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