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Simple Defiance


February 14, 2022 by hollingsworthk

In this clip, Rull comes into class late and interrupts his teacher. The camera pan abruptly interrupts the middle of the lesson as Rull walks through the door, bag in hand. The teacher tries his hand at rude, passive aggressive comments on Rull’s tardiness, but Rull takes them in stride. He answers the jabs with an almost polite honesty, but his intentions are clear. By walking in late and drawing all attention to himself, Rull effectively grabbed the reins from his teacher and stripped him of his own authority. The 68ers movement was widely centered around students opposing authority, and this clip is a fun example. There is a subtle hint of comedy in this scene; the way that Rull draws out the distraction and his apparent compliance and respect contrasted with his actual disdain and defiance is very ironic. Technically, the only rule Rull broke was being late, a very harmless infraction, but he twisted the scenario to challenge the authority of his school and his teacher. The camera placement is genius, putting the audience in the shoes of the students and very clearly showing how disruptive the interruption was. Further, the fact that the only Rull and his teacher are standing exemplifies Rull’s challenge to those in power. Although the scale is small, this clip is a really clever example of the type of protests that made up the 68ers movement.



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