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Rise up


February 14, 2022 by factorgb


I picked this gif from the movie because it reminded me a lot of what’s is going on today. Today with more and more kids and students speaking out and standing up I found it very easy to draw paroles from it. today we have kids protesting about issues like gun control and police reform. In “I am an Elephant Madame” the students were protesting the school in the hope to have reform. The movie shows a group of students who are fed up with the school authoritarian reign over the school. I think the kids getting up all at once while in class along with the old rock-style music in the background was pared perfectly. It made me as an audience member watching, feel a part of the mission and the cause and I wanted to help them. Whenever these types of uprisings began it always has a leader. an example from my time in real life is Greta Thunberg who stood up to the most powerful leaders in the old to fight for kids everywhere for common-sense climate change reform. In the movie, we have Rull who is a schoolboy. He started the protest and wanted to make a change in his community. Without Rull, no one would stand up for their beliefs and no one would be standing on the desk telling the teacher and the school that they are in the wrong.


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