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Plotting his Revolt


February 14, 2022 by nicolpe

This clip switching back and forth between the class and the teacher has happened all throughout the film up to this point. This already exemplifies the generational differences within Germany. The teachers at this school in Bremen, uses authoritarian principles to administrate and teach its students. The authoritarian political belief relates to the older generation, where as the younger generation strives for a more democratic administration. Since the students disagree with the way things are being taught, it’s more likely for them to be disengaged during class; in this clip there might only be two people focused on the teacher. The different thoughts and opinions between the two generations is another reason for the disengagement in school. For a very split second at the beginning of this clip, you can see Rull holding his head in distress, almost like he is sitting there thinking about all of his protests he has in mind. Throughout the film, we consistently see the class then the teacher, and back and forth, but now Rull is getting more fed up with class. He asked about why they never learn about the United States which questions the teacher and the school’s curriculum. The teacher avoided talking about the U.S., which I feel Rull shouldn’t be too surprised about. Nonetheless, he asked the question in its own form of protest, but his small protest questions in class was just the beginning of his agenda.



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