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NA Attire in Germany


February 14, 2022 by Jack Wedge


In looking at the film, I Am an Elephant, Madame, audiences get a very peculiar experience with this film that is highlighted throughout with odd dialogue, weird cuts, and extremely bizarre antics from its characters, especially Rull. This is epitomized with his antics where he dresses up in Native American clothing and just behaves as a bothersome figure to anyone that has authority within the community that he resides within. As shown by the GIF above, he behaves in such an erratic mentality as he works to point out very flawed ways in which his school and the broader society around him tend to function much of the time. Although this scene is rather insensitive to a culture that Rull most likely knows very little about and seems to be a sense of mockery, it seems to be a way for him to unleash a wild and dangerous side, which conveys the way in which he is an individual who goes against the grain because he sees various flaws within the way authority often handles various scenarios and situations. With this odd scene where he jumps up and dances in this garb, audiences see how authority is being challenged by this character, although there is not the greatest sense of direction to it, quite similar to this film as a whole honestly. authority


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